Strat Log

Ongoing project modifying a MexiStrat to play as I expect. Up to this this point I have:

  • Replaced Nut and Saddles w/Tusq
  • Replaced Trem Block with enlarged bras block from Killer Guitar Components (order at least 3-4 months before you need it)
  • Removed default pickups and pickguard.
  • Installed an emerald/purple lace sensor.
  • Removed all pots (Tone/Volume)
  • Removed all channels from the routed body cavity.
  • Stripped to bare wood.
  • Blocked off the Trem, removed springs.
  • Replaced default ping tuners with Sperzel lockers.
  • Set up intonation/nut for 13-54 strings.
While attempting to build the shielding for the pickup, have come to the conclusion that my tinsmithing skills are woefully inadequate. So will be getting some books to assist with this aspect and once I am comfortable will build the proper sized boxes for the internals and finish up the first ugly guitar.

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