2 part  Pine rosin (available here)
 1 part  Beeswax (available here)
6-10 in lengths of sisal rope (3 strand, 1/4in)

To break the wax, freeze for a few hours. (need better times on this). This allows you to hit it with a hammer and it will shatter. Measure wax and rosin into the crockpot and turn on high. Checked ever 5-10 minutes until it was melted (need times to weight data). Stir with the stick to thoroughly combine. When everything is liquefied, continue stirring until the color becomes uniform.

Soak the sisal rope segments in the handwax mixture while it is liquid. Wait for the bubbles to stop. This means that the waxes have sufficiently penetrated the rope.

Burn time ~4 minutes, catches 1/8"x1/8" dried oak without issue.

Next Steps:
Re-melt/pour wax into a liner and clean the crockpot.