Doin' the Dishes

Over the weekend I started thinking about what I could do to make shorter projects and stumbled across dishcloths.

Cotton or Linen (Yarn/String/Twine)

Knitting Needles

K - Knit
K2TOG - Knit 2 Together
ST(S) - Stich(es)
YO - Yarn Over

I made the pattern detailed here. But any combination of stitches should work. 
Pattern (on the bias)
  • Cast on 4 (used the knit-on method)
  • K 4
  • Increase until desired diagonal achieved (45-65 sts):
    • K 2
    • YO (increases each time by 1 st)
    • K to the end of row
  • Decrease until 4 sts remain.
    • K 1
    • K2TOG (decreases each time by 1 st)
    • YO (preserves pattern)
    • K2TOG (removes the added st from the YO)
    • K to end of row
Knitted this with butcher's twine. 
  • This was very difficult to work with and tended to split. 
  • Next time will try to loosen my tension a little and see if things flow more smoothly.
  • Like the texture of the twine on the finished product.
Dropped 1 stitch, will need to sew this back in.

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