Shot Bag

Shot Bag.

  Cutting pad
  Scratch Awl
  Stitching awl
  Wing Dividers
  Trim Knife
  Needles (2)
  Pliers (maybe)
  Binder clips (5)

  Leather 3.5" x 6.5" (2) upholstery/chrome tanned

  1. Mark the lenght/width using the scratch awl and L-square.
  2. Cut out leather.
  3. Lay good sides together and position the clips so they allow for stitching along one edge (preferably one of the longer sides). Chrome tanned is very stretchy so it might not want to line up. Use the trim knife to even everything. 
  4. Set the wing divider to 1/8th inch. 
  5. Scribe a line 1/8th inch from edge of the leather, use the wing dividers.
  6. Use the wing dividers to set the spacing
    1. Start at the edge and place one of the legs at the very edge and the other on the line just inscribed. 
    2. Continue down the working edge by placing the trailing point of the wing divider into last divot and bring the leading point down on the line. This makes uniform stitches (both size-wise and linearly)
    3. The last hole may end up not hitting the intersecting line. This is another benefit of using the wing-divider. As there are only 2 prongs, they rotate without impacting all the other holes. Tune the dividers into the work until they intersect the crossing line. 
  7. 2/3rds of the way down and begin stitching.  DO NOT START IN A CORNER. 
  8. Continue steps 5-7 around the piece until only the center 3rd on one side remains.
  9. Poke the remain holes and enlarge them with the scratch awl so they are cleary visible on the inside of the leather.
  10. Turn the piece right side out.
  11. Fill with BBs, funnel may help.
  12. Work the last few holes with the needle and thread (may want a curved needle for this.
  13. Pull tight.
Completely forgot to not start in a corner. This made my last corner very difficult to close and a definite weak point. Will likely restitch starting on the last 3rd on the longer side soon.
Needed my portable strop/stitch aid on this. Stitching started to even out toward the end, but still dificult as I was using the awl and holding the piece with one hand. 
Even though I could not see the divots from the dividers, I could feel them with light pressure from the awl. 
Saddle stitch tips. Start with the same side every time, pull the stitches taught every time. By pulling one side up and the other down ~45 degrees from the direction of the stitching it creates a nice ropey look to the stitches.

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