Portable Strop/Stitching Aid


  • Sandpaper
    • 60
    • 150
    • 220
  • Sanding Block
  • Razor Knife/Trim Knife
  • Brush


  • Wood block 2"x2"x1/2" or larger
  • Scrap Leather
  • Barge cement (or similar liquid contact cement)
  • Rubber mat (used Tandy Poundo Board)
  • Acetone (leather deglazer)
  • Polish compound (I use white diamond, but chrome oxide or iron oxide would also work, just make sure it is polishing, not cutting compound)

  1. Shape the wood block until it is comfortable. Leave one long/wide side flat.
  2. Clean the leather, poundo, and wood with the acetone.
  3. Brush cement onto the flat side of the wood and the grain side of the leather.
  4. Let dry until tacky.
  5. Press the cemented surfaces together.
  6. Brush cement onto the poundo and the other side of the wood.
  7. Let dry until tacky.
  8. Press cemented surfaces together.
  9. Charge the leather with polish compound, polish something, repeat until a good bit of compound has built up in the flesh side of the leather.
Other Ideas:
  • Single 2"x1" board split into portable cutting/polishing set in a roll up container.
  • Need fresh poundo.

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