Removing Handwax from a CrockPot

  1. Set CrockPot to high. Melting took less than an hour.
  2. Place liner into separate pot.
  3. Stir wax to make sure everything is melted, if the resin has not completely integrated. There will be a liquid layer floating over a thicker stickier layer.
  4. Pour into lined pot.
  5. Use paper to absorb remaining wax, prior to turning off the CrockPot.
  6. Put the lined pot into the freezer. This allows the bag to pull free easier.
This mostly worked, there is still a thin layer  of gunk on the crockpot, going to grab some isopropyl and see if this dissolves the remains. Other possibles include kitchen oils as the wax/resin is oil soluble.

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